Learner Styles

Yes, it’s summer again and I am going to reactivate my teachers’ blog!  Lots of the links are still good but I intend to add more notes, comments and links as we go through the summer. It’s good to be back at the Said Business School. I realised in today’s session that I haven’t added my Learner Styles website. I love this site, it’s informative, interesting and relevant. Check out the VARK site here. What’s your style?!

Webinars at Macmillan site

I have just signed up to partake in some on-line training through webinars at the Macmillan website. Click here, sign up and tick that you want to partake in the webinars and you can join live.  On 2nd Feb 2011 Michael Rundell will be talking about tweets, blogs and technology bringing better dictionary skills to teachers and students.  It is all live at 3pm GMT!!! If you can’t join you can always listen later to the recording.  In fact there is a bank of previous sessions from the past two years. I have listened to a few and they have been pretty good.  I like the eluminate platform because it makes it more interactive.  You can see the slides clearly and partake fully(if you are watching the live session.) Just click through to the Macmillan site and join up!

Creating a blog

I have had an edublog for about two years now.  For all that time I have only used edublogs for education and blogger for my personal blogs.  Well, this evening I have been checking out the world wide web and have come to the conclusion that edublogs is the best site for creating your class blogs.   Check out this link here to compare blogger and wordpress alongside edublogs.


It looks good, ehh?!

If you do not have a blog and want to open one ( or even if you do and want to open up a suitable edublog) then click here and follow the instructions.  Sue Waters, the creator of edublogs, really knows how to explain things in simple language.

Good luck!!   Open an edublog by clicking here

Class Blogs

This evening I have been surfing the net looking for sites which give easy to follow advice on creating student blogs.  Here is a good example of a class blog which I have found through the Teacher Challenge on edublogs.  Check it out here.

If you have already created a blog or feel ready for the further challenge of creating linked blogs for your students you can access simple and detailed instructions by clicking on this link.


Sue Waters , the creator of edublogs, is doing a January challenge on the pros of blogging in the classroom.  If you would like to see what has been discussed and practised click on this link


This challenge is an inspiration to teachers who have a blog but feel that they are not using it to its full potential.

Creating our blogs

Hello teachers!


If you have a gmail account, please go to blogger.com by pressing here and sign in with your gmail account.  If you don’t have a gmail account don’t worry because I have just found out you don’t need to have one anymore! You can sign in with any email account.

Watch a blogger introductory video here to help you see what you have to do. (He speaks quickly but he is an American computer geek!) This is useful for people who don’t have google accounts yet.

NOTE  You can’t change the title of your blog or the address, so be careful.

The address is what your students, colleagues, friends and family type into the web address line so if you choose ‘oxford is great’ everybody will have to type in oxfordisgreat.blogspot.com, this might be OK for now but might not be suitable for the future!   Templates and backgrounds can be changed so don’t worry about them.

If you need any more help, go to my friend Russell whose videos are very helpful.  Click here for his simple video on how to open blogger.   Good luck.

If you need any more help, please ask Janet or myself.   Happy blogging!

Secondary teachers can now go to the pbworks.com by clicking here and can open their class wikis. Please open an education wiki.

Primary teachers can check out the links which Janet sent to you.

Ideas for reading activities in class.

Time for me to up-date my blog. I want to add some sites for reading tasks and I am looking around my favourite blogs for inspiration.  Some of these sites have been around for a while but there is nothing wrong in bringing back the ‘good old stuff’!

There is a wealth of information here and lots of reading activites prepared for you to print off.


Easily accessible information for getting information about famous people.


Easily accessible source of facts about all countries.



I’ve been looking on-line for activities to help with pictures and I have found this helpful link on Nik Peachey’s blog which links to Flick.   Click here. it looks interesting and I have seen some amazing photos.

I have also found a safe way to use youtube videos in the classroom.  Click here again to let Nik guide you!