New Ideas

Well the new academic year has just begun and I feel like I deserve a holiday after my mad summer, but I just want to post up a couple of  sites which have come my way over the last few months. on-line dictionary looks simple to use. The only negative point is the lack of phonemic transcription.

Click here for a link to an American pronunciation site which gives clear visual guidelines to producing the sounds of English. Thanks Leticia for this recommendation.

Also I want to mention dropbox. Mar demonstated that this site is much easier to use than google as  storage  for all of your files on your USB stick!

Finally the wonderful world of SPOTIFY has taken over my life.   It’s great, you download some simple software and thousands and thousands of CDs become available to you.  You can make playlists and because the music is streamed directly from the Internet it is not illegal.   Fantastic for your homelife and as a teaching resource!

Another great resource for music worksheets and videos is here. You just have to save your password!

Also this karaoke site is fun if you have a microphone!  Click here.